Hair transplant surgery for cases other than male pattern baldness

A hair transplant procedure is not a life saving procedure but with safe, effective and permanent results patients find their lives a lot easier and happier with just having the pleasure of having regaining a fuller hair line. Other than hair restitution from the scalp, there are procedures that work with eyebrow hair restoration, scar fixing and corrective hair transplant surgeries.
Eyebrow Hair Restoration
Eyebrow hair transplantation is for restoring what’s the focal point of the eye line. Sometimes, the definition und so weiter the presence of the eyebrows are more important than the scalp hair, especially in women and eyebrow hair loss can be either a scar, or thus a allergy to cosmetics, or even ringlet color. Eyebrow hair restoration is possible with micro grafting hair heterochthonous which is even a more minor case than exact FUE hair transplant. A few and individual donor ciliate are required which can be extracted from the body other than the scalp. And in case the hair is taken from the scalp then the follicular units are split condition dissecting individual hair follicles for eyebrow hair restoration. The natural direction like the hair is followed while the hair restoration. With skilled hands and fine equipments, eyebrow hair restoration is a process that works.

Corrective hair relocate surgery
If it had been in the 80s or 90s when someone had a hair transplant surgery, it is considerable likely to leave the result concerning the famous und so weiter obvious “pluggy” results wherein larger hair grafts were planted to the recipient area with patches of hair that looked unnatural overall. Corrective hair transplant surgery is settled to repair this outdated obvious see divisor making it what it was supposed to yield a more natural look. Hair plugs are corrected using a number of methods whichever suits the patient best. Any major hair transplant clinic in London is favored to the newer techniques of capillaceous camouflage; older graft excision and newer methods like FUE hair transplant using the Neo Grafting and S.T.E.P Copyist instrumentation makes things else natural and easier.

Combined Repair
Not all pluggy transplants bear the same amount of disproportion, and a combined repair is a combination of graft excision and hair masquerade that is best applied when there is no must as such to remove all of the large grafts planted previously if they are planted in the right direction with proper distribution. While large grafts can be removed and further dissected under a stereo microscope into micro grafts about 2-5 hair and redistributed, und so weiter additionally, a hair camouflaging technique is used where some more donator hair is taken from the back of the scalp with FUT or even body ciliate with FUE and are planted around the previously planted grafts. With skillful artistry of the hair transplant surgeon, the best possible naturalistic result is acquired. A hair camouflage is a very intelligent technique to save healthy hair follicles from wastage that large graft excision and replacing them can damage. And the whole protocol can be cooked quicker as well.
Scar Fixing
Donor scars especially from that of a FUT hair transplant can be truly prominent sometimes and a scar fixing technique is devised with the use of FUE that can camouflage a donor scar with placing newer grafts are implanted in around the benefactress scar to stow it.